Easy Installation Instructions

  1. Remove two thumb screws from front of cabinet and remove front cover.

  2. Slide media frame assembly from air cleaner cabinet.

  3. Turn off electricity to furnace.

  4. Remove and discard existing furnace air filter.

  5. Install air cleaner cabinet in return air system. Be sure to follow airflow direction arrows on interior of cabinet.

  6. Install a duct support from the floor if necessary. Duct transitions or turning vanes are recommended in highboy installations.

  7. Tape all joints in duct work between air cleaner and blower compartment.

  8. Slide the media frame into the air cleaner cabinet. Be sure the airflow arrow on the media frame is in the same direction as the arrow in the cabinet. The plastic pleat spacers are always on the downstream side of the filter media. Replace cover and thumb screws.

  9. If a condition indicator is to be used, install on a vertical duct surface between the air cleaner and the furnace blower.

  10. Turn on furnace and check performance of all equipment.

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