HEPA Filter Installation Instructions

Please refer to your owner's manual for additional instructions and safety guidelines.
Turn the air cleaner OFF and unplug from the power supply.

Replacement for model 40100

For model 40100 the filter has a perforated running along the center of the filter.

Hold the filter on both sides and "crack" it along the center score. Separate the two pieces.

Replacement for model 40200

DO NOT separate the HEPA filter for model 40200.
  1. Turn the Air cleaner off and unplug it from the wall outlet.

  2. Loosen the bottom cover knob and discard the main filter.

  3. Wrap the pre-filter around the outside of the main filter and secure it in place using the supplied fasteners and install both into unit. Replace and tighten the cover knob.

  4. Plug the unit back into the wall outlet.

  5. For optimum performance replace filter every 12 months.

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