HEPA Replacement Instructions

Please refer to your owner's manual for additional instructions and safety guidelines.
  1. Turn switch OFF and unplug unit from the wall outlet.

  2. Remove front Panel by lifting outward with finger in recess.

  3. Remove and discard old HEPA and insert new HEPA. Ensure thet the arrow on new filter is inserted with the arrow pointing UP and facing toward you.

  4. Before replacing cover, the foam Pre-filter contained in the unit's front cover should be cleaned on a regular basis. You should wash the pre-filter with cool tap water to remove excess dirt and odor.

  5. Replace pre-filter after it is dry. You may have to use a butter knife to tuck filter edges back into place.

  6. Replace cover and plug the unit back into a wall outlet.

  7. For optimum performance replace filter every 4 to 6 months.

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