Air Cleaner Replacement Instructions

Indicator lights on top of purifier will light up when it is time to replace the pre-filter or the HEPA filter.
  1. Place fingers on front release tabs. Gently push tabs in and pull front grille forward to remove it.

  2. Remove and replace the indicated filter. Install the new HEPA filter in the same direction shown by the arrow located on the filter frame. Install the new pre-filter by placing it on the tabs. DO NOT try to wash and reuse either the HEPA filter or the pre-filter.

  3. Place bottom tabs on front grille into slots in base of air purifier. Push top of grille forward until grille locks in place.

  4. Push the "Reset" button to turn off light(s) and reset time.

    Note: Pushing the reset button before the filter light has come on will NOT reset the timer.

  5. For most efficient operation of the air purifier, it is recommended that you replace the pre-filter every three months and the HEPA filter every year.

    Filter change out should be more frequent with excessive smoke, dust, and pet hair.

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