Replacement Instructions for Skuttle Humidifier #A04-1725-045

Please refer to your owner's manual for additional instructions and safety guidelines.
  1. Turn humidifier off, disconnect or turn off electrical power and water supply to humidifier before servicing.

  2. Remove the humidifier cover by rotating the cover knob counterclockwise at the top front face of the humidifier cover.

  3. Remove the evaporator pad by grasping the pad frame lifting it vertically and pulling outward to remove.

  4. Disassemble the frame and pad assembly.

  5. Wipe or scrape out any calcium deposits from the distribution tray, pad frame and catch tray in the bottom of the humidifier mounting base.

  6. Place the new media in the frame with the colored indicator pointing up and put the distribution tray on top.

  7. Replace the wick and reassemble the pad frame.

  8. Remove the drain hose from the bottom of the humidifier. The hose should be flexible, bend back and forth several times to break and loosen and minerals inside hose.

  9. Then flush with a pressurized water source and reattach to the humidifier drain fitting.

  10. Reinstall the pad frame assembly, humidifier cover and turn on water supply and electrical power.

  11. Turn the furnace thermostat up to activate the heating system, also turn the humidifier humidistat up all the way to assure operation.

  12. After the furnace blowers activates check for proper draining of the humidifier through the drain hose and make certain there are no leaks at or around the humidifier.

  13. Return the furnace thermostat and humidifier humidistat to their proper settings after completing this procedure.

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