Filter Removal and Replacement

Warning:To reduce the risk of injury unplug cleaner before changing filter.

Tool Required: Phillips Screwdriver This unit contains two filters: MicroFresh or HEPA Filter below the dirt container and Perma Filter with CleanStream Filtration (in dirt container) which combine to prevent dust and allergens from escaping the vacuum and re-entering the air. HEPA Filter (external) - Part# 3-860057-000 located below dirt container. The HEPA filter should be replaced annually.
  1. Remove dirt container. To remove the filter cover lid, use a Phillip's Screwdriver to remover the (1) screw.

  2. Remove filter lid.

  3. 3. Grasp HEPA filter cartridge and pull out.

    IMPORTANT:Do NOT clean with water. Insert new HEPA filter into housing. Replace screw and filter lid.

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