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12x24x12 (85%) Plastic Frame Rigid Cell Synthetic Filter without Header (No Gasket)
Accumulair Rigid Cell rigid filters are designed to provide consistent high efficiency filtration in variable air volume systems and turbulent air. Deep pleats are held firmly in place with plastic separators and extended metal backing. Every edge of the media pack is glued inside the periphery of the frame to prevent air and dust bypass. The media and separators are 100% polypropylene to resist moisture damage, microbial growth, and puncture damage. Accumulair Rigid Cell's are excellent replacement filters for ASHRAE style metal separator filters and for mini pleat V cells. Accumulair Rigid filters are commonly used in industrial and commercial facilities such as: hospitals, manufacturing plants, schools, office buildings and government agencies. Accumulair Rigid filters can be installed in existing filter systems such as side access or built-up bank systems where space will allow 6" or 12" filter depths.

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