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25x175-184 Series 6/40 3Ply PBT-32 Tackifier Ring Link Panel
Series 640 is a 3 Ply filter, 100% non-shedding organic synthetic micro fiber. Coarser 40 denier fibers on the air entering side and the finer 6 denier fibers on the air exiting side. The filter is coated with PBT-32™ to provide a non-migrating encapsulating tackifier to ensure positive dust holding capacity. This filter is needed for Heavy Duty filtration that requires rugged filters with high dirt holding capacity. The Series 640 Ring Panel and Links uses the special PBT-32 Tackifier which means this tackifier will never dry out, always stays in place, and won't run, drip or blow off. This Heavy Duty filter is practically indestructible as it will not tear, buckle or dent.

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