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Kenmore® 4396710 Water Filter
This Refrigerator Water Filter is the replacement filter for any of the following Sears/Kenmore part numbers: 46-9020 9020 9020B 9020P 46-9030 9030 9030B 9030P T1RFWB2 T1WB2 T1WB2L T1KB1 T1RFKB1 T1KB2 T1RFKB2 P1KB1 P1RFKB1 P1KB2 P1RFKB2 This filter can also be used to fit refrigerator model numbers: ED2JHGXRQ02 ED5PHEXRQ01 GC3CHAXNQ00 KSRU25CRST01 KSRU25CRWH00 GC3SHEXNS01 GC3SHEXNT01 KSRL25FRWH01 KSRU25CRSS01 GC5SHEXNT01 KSRW25CRSS01 KSRL25FRBT01 KSRW25CRSS03 GC3PHEXNQ01 GCPHEXNS03 GC5SHEXNB04 KSBP23INSS00 KSBS23INBT01 KSBS25INSS01 GC5SHEXNS04
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