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Frigidaire® PureSource 2 Water Filter
Frigidaire® PureSource2 Water Filter Replacement This is the replacement filter for any of the following Frigidaire® part numbers: FC-100 WF2CB SWF2CB NGFC-2000 Kenmore 46-9911 9911 9916 This filter can also be used to fit refrigerator model numbers: PHS69EHSS GLHS35EHS GHSC39EHPB FRS23KF6EB0 GLHS268ZDW5 GLHS38EEW0 PLHS269ZDB9 FRS23H5ASB8 GLHS67EEPW0 FRS26KF5DS3 FRS26LF7DS9 PHSC39EHSS1 FRS26H5ASB0 FRS6LF8FS2 PLHS37EGSB0 FRS26KF7AW1 GLHS239ZCW0 GLRS234ZAQ5 FRS23KF7AQ3 GLRS264ZAW4 GS23HSZBC1 GS23HSZDPW1 GS26HSZDPW1 NGS26ZZAB1 NGS26ZZAW5 PLRS267ZAB5 FSC23F7DW0 PLRS267ZAB8
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