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DA29-00003G Samsung® Aqua Pure™ Plus Refrigerator Filter
Samsung���® Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement This filter can also be used to fit refrigerator model numbers:
RF26VABWP RB215BSBB RS2520SW RS255BASB RS2530BWP RS2533SW RS2533VQ RS2577BB RS2534BB RS2534VQ RS2534WW RS2577SL RS253BASB RS253BAVQ RS253BAWW RS2577SW RS2544SL RS2545SH RS2555BB RS2578BB RS2555SL RS2555SW RS2556BB RS2578SH RS2556SH RS2556SW RS2556WW RS2578WW RS257BARB RS2621SH RS2621SW RS2622SW RS2623SL RS2623VQ RS2630SH RS2630SW RS2630WW RS2644SL RS2644SW RS265LABP RS2666SL RS267LABP RS267LASH RS269LARS For a low cost alternative, see WF289 or WSS-1.

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