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4396701 Top Freezer In-The-Grill Water Filter
The Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter is the replacement filter for any of the following Whirlpool part numbers: 2301705 2301706 4396701 4396703 WF-L200V L200V WF-LC200V LC200V WF-NL120V NL120V WF-L120V L120V WF-L200 L200 KitchenAid 4396702 Kenmore 46-9915 9915 04609915000 This filter can also be used to fit refrigerator model numbers:
ET2AHTXMQ01 106.742144 GRS2SHWXPS01 106.742024 GT1SHTXMQ03 GT1SHTXMT00 KTRS22EMWH01 KTRP22EMWH03 KTRA19EMBL00 KTRA19EMBL01 ET9FHTXMQ03 KTRC22EMWH02 KTRP22EMWH00 KTRS22EMSS00 KTRS22EMSS01 KTRA22EMBL03 KTRC22EMSS03 KTRC22EMWH05 For a low cost alternative, see WF293 or SGF-W10.

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