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5 Plants that will Kill You

Have you ever stopped to wonder while in your yard or garden at which plants may actually be deadly to you? I know I haven’t, but after doing a little research I have to say, I am a bit surprised, and you may be as well.

Castor Bean

Who would have thought the very plant that was spoon-fed to children could have such a deadly ingredient. And to be among the group of plants that made the list of most deadly plant poison. One oh so small castor bean is capable of killing an adult within minutes. These plants are particularly grown in California, but can be found all over.

Rosary Pea

Next on the list is the Rosary Pea, which may sound like a cute little plant, but looks are deceiving. Its seed, if chewed and swallowed, will lead to a very short death. The seeds are easily identified, almost looking like a Lady Bug, but they are very deadly. They have a bright red jacket and single black dot. There should be no mistaking this little plant.

Angel’s Trumpet

To be such a beautiful flower, this one has made our list also. Known as an effective hallucinogen, it has sent many to the hospital. This entire plant is poisonous if eaten. This plant may also be known as stinkweed or devil’s snare. Some communities have banned this flower in their area.


This fluffy little plant is quit famous, just not in a good way. The name of this plant is a Snakeroot, and it is most dangerous to livestock. Like in cows, the poison from the plant is toxin to their milk. Milk sickness is actually what killed Abraham Lincoln’s mother.


Oleander rounds off our list of most deadly plants. This plant is called the MOST deadly in the world. Wow, this one carries a high title. It is used often as a decorative shrub around homes. From only minimal interaction with this plant, as simple as one leaf can kill an adult. Also fatal poisoning from the blooms and branches has been known. Death in horses and cattle has been commonly reported by farmers. Oleander attacks the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and even the digestive tract. This is one dangerous plant I think I would avoid.

Looks can definitely be deceiving, and these five killers prove that statement true. So just remember that even though that plant may look pretty, it might be beneficial to take a double look. Have fun gardening, but be on your guard!

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