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Chloe Belle


Anyone who owns a pet knows that not only is this pet a huge responsibility but also so similar to rearing a child that it’s almost as if you have given birth to the thing yourself. I’ve owned many pets in my life so I know all of the factors that go into play. Factors like potty training it, feeding it, grooming it, taking it to the vet, and mostly loving it unconditionally. Having all of this in mind, I still decided to expand my family to include a precious little fur baby. I did take into consideration the size of the pet I would adopt and decided that a small animal wouldn’t require as much care since, after all, it’s small – because size matters in situations like this.

Poodles have always been my favorite, so I began my search with all the local animal shelters. Several months of no luck at the animal shelters to find that “wonderful bundle of joy” pet. Like I said earlier, I wanted a small animal so I decided I wanted a teacup poodle (3 pounds fully grown). I searched the internet, asked several friends and spoke with what I considered to be educated breeders and some, for lack of a better phrase, not so smart breeders.

I finally found a breeder that sounded like she knew what she was doing so I set up an evening to go out and look at the 6wk old “teacup” poodle. Oh my, she stole my heart, she looked like an Angel. As soon as my eyes fell on her it was like the Heavens opened up and a choir of Angels started singing. I knew she was perfect. She was just what I had been looking for and I bought her that night because I just knew my life could not go on without this miniature princess. I was so happy and I specifically remember my face hurting from smiling so much. I finally had the “Teacup” poodle that I had always wanted! I named her Chloe Belle so that she would be my little southern charm.

After a couple of weeks it became apparent that Chloe was quickly growing. I remember thinking I was possibly feeding her too much because she felt so much heavier than her maximum weight capacity of three pounds.  I took her back to the Vet for more vaccinations and to inquire about the amount of food I was feeding her. And that’s when the fatal blow was delivered. My precious angel baby was NOT a teacup poodle and would top out in weight at about 12 pounds! 12 POUNDS! That is the weight of four teacup poodles. My lovely little pet that I searched for months for is now going to be the size of four teacup poodles. I think I blacked out at this point because I vaguely remember a white light and the sight of a miniature horse. Once I regained my sense, I thought to myself:

“Self, you can’t take her back. She’s part of the family now and you love her dearly.”

So I decided to keep my miniature horse. Chloe is fully potty trained now and is very smart but she is very large in comparison to a teacup poodle. Sometimes I think I should have a pasture out back for her to roam and graze in. I even think I could purchase a small saddle and book her at children’s birthday parties. I now rarely call her Chloe Belle, instead she’s known around the house as Tonto because of her large stature. When she comes running to jump in your lap, you better be ready or she will knock the breath out of you and maybe a couple of teeth.

Through all of this I’ve learned quite a few things. First, do in-depth research before shelling out a lot of money for a pet. Second, don’t always expect a certain outcome in situations like this, because it never turns out the way you thought it would. And lastly, if your dog ends up being larger than you originally planned, tell everyone your husband bought her. 

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