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Accumulair Platinum Air Filter

The Tragedy of Fiberglass Filters

I never realized how important it was to choose the correct air filters for my furnace until recently. I really thought they were all the same. As long as I had something in there, I was good, right? Wrong! I learned the hard way after buying all those filters that were the cheap inexpensive kind that I could see right through. And when I placed them in my unit, I had to be extremely careful not to bend them because most of the time they would collapse from the air flow.

Pictured above: fiberglass filter

I would wonder why it recommends changing every 30 days when I was lucky to get to the end of my 30 days. (My filter would be so dirty!) I never thought before I placed it in what was going into my duct system if I could see through my filter.

Pictured above: Dirty filter after 30 days

After about 6 months of using those I started noticing that my air vents were getting dirty around them, blowing the dirt and dust onto my ceiling.

My Solution: Accumulair Platinum Air Filter

I called my local AC repair man, and he came out just to tell me that I’m using the wrong types of filters. He told me that the only purpose of fiberglass is to protect the HVAC system and that it doesn’t do anything for the air quality. I knew then that it was time to change my filters.

I chose the Accumulair Platinum filter from With the Accumulair Platinum, I do not have to worry about my HVAC system, and it also improves my air quality.

With the Accumulair Platinum air filter, the supercharged pleated panel filtering media is suited for capturing fine airborne allergens. These filters are up to 30 times more efficient than regular fiberglass filters like I was previously using. The heavy duty construction frame prevents airflow bypass. This new filter that I am trying is designed to last up to 90 days, and it has a MERV 11 rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It is a number from a test method designed by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers. Basically, this means that it removes allergens, bacteria, and other air pollutants that regular fiberglass filters do not remove, and the higher the MERV rating, the more it removes.

Pictured above: Accumulair Platinum filter

I have experienced several benefits of buying Accumular Platinum pleated filter over the fiberglass filter. The cost is the same, considering that I was replacing my fiberglass filters every month, but the Accumulair Platinum lasts up to 3 months. I no longer have to worry about my vents becoming dirty from the air flow and dust, and my energy bill has decreased. I will never buy fiberglass filters again after seeing the improved quality of the air my family and I are breathing. Overall, I think these filters are 100% better than the fiberglass filters I was buying.

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