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Apartment Gardening Ideas that will make your Neighbors Jealous

Do you wish you could grow your own garden? You want tomatoes? Just go out the back door and pick some! You need some basil with that dish? Oh, there’s some just around the corner of the house. That would be great, huh?

I bet, when you think about growing a garden, your mind generally directs you to a large field with over grown stalks of corn, or never ending rows of some sort of vegetable.

 Then you probably get plagued with thoughts of, “I don’t know when to plant that!” or “I couldn’t do all of that work! There just isn’t enough time!” or most likely, “I don’t have space for a garden. I’ll just go to the grocery store.”

At this point you’ll probably hang your head in disappointment, already discouraged with the garden you haven’t even planted. But what if there was a way to grow a garden with limited space? What if it was easy?

Let’s say, for example, that you live in an apartment. An apartment definitely has limited space, especially when it comes to growing a garden. I bet growing a garden is the last thing on your mind when you live in an apartment.

Well, I’m about to let you in on the secret of gardening, EVEN when you live in an apartment.

As we all know, plants essentially need two things to grow: sunlight and water. If you can provide your plant with these two things during the course of the day, then you can grow a garden.

Now, what you can grow becomes more dependent on what kind of space you have for your garden. If you have access to a patio or balcony, then your options are pretty much limitless (let’s not go wild with stalks of corn though, people!). If you have the space, you can plant tomatoes, cucumbers, or even grapes. These types of plants usually need quite a bit of space to grow, as well as some sort of support like a trellis or cage.

If you don’t have a balcony or patio, then your options for what you can grow begin to narrow. But you can still grow a substantial garden! You can plant smaller fruits and vegetables like bell peppers, (or any kind of peppers really) onions, all kinds of herbs, or even strawberries. Just make sure you plants get plenty of sunlight and plenty of water.

Plants should usually be exposed to at least 4 hours of sunlight a day. So, if you have to, move that plant around the apartment to different windows that the light shines in! You might want to put your garden on some kind of cart so you can just wheel it around your apartment from window to window. Then you can steer it to the kitchen sink and water your indoor garden!

Also, don’t forget to fertilize your plants. Potted plants ALWAYS need more fertilizer than plants that grow outdoors in the “real” ground.

So, here’s the final breakdown.

Figure out what kind of space you have and decide what you can grow in this area.

Buy the necessary supplies to pot your plants in.

Buy the necessary food for you new garden, like fertilizer and plant food.

Entice the sun to share some rays with your garden, and water it every day.

If you do these things, then you’re sure to have a garden you can be proud of in just a few short months! Good luck!

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