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As Big as the Moon

Crafting has always been second nature to me. I can make something out of nothing. I love to create things and go through the process and then sit back and look at the end results and say…Wow! I made that. I find the most joy over making things that cost me little or nothing to make or create. Not because I am a cheap person but, to just show myself how creative and inventive I can be.

When I was a little girl, I had a best friend that lived across the street from us. Her Mother sewed and she would make clothes for all of them to wear to Church. I remember going over on Saturday’s and Aunt Bunchie, (who was not my Aunt, but as far back as I can remember I have always called her Aunt Bunchie), would be in the corner of her bedroom sewing a new skirt for Sunday morning. I would nose my way into her room and stand there watching in amazement. She was so fast and then she would go to the ironing board and iron over what she had just sewn and dash back to the sewing machine. She had already taught all of her children how to sew. My friend Seillagh was a couple of years older than me, and when she would sew something she would let me sit with her and tell me how to do it. She would tell me why you had to use a pattern how to iron each seam.

So my love for creating began at a very early age. So, I must say, that when you teach a child a craft it could stay with them and possibly become a vital part of their career. As I grew older I took home economics in high school and furthered my knowledge and skill about sewing and crafting. I remember learning how to macramé and I made a beautiful hanging plant holder. I baked my first batch of cookies in class, and no, I did not burn them!

I often think back on my childhood memories and they put a smile as big as the moon upon my face.

I did not grow up playing with TV games or texting, not that I am saying that this is wrong, but instead, I rode my bike every day up and down our street and I knew everyone who lived there. I climbed trees, played hopscotch, entertained and sang to an imaginary crowd in my front yard (I was the guest star of the Bob Hope Special quite often). If we would have had video a camera back then – well, let me just say, I could have been famous with some of the moves I did!

Today I still craft and sew as much as I can. I have now ventured into monogramming and I also have a cricket machine that I use to cut out vinyl. I love sewing for my Grandchildren and making outfits for them to wear for all occasions. I have three Daughters and I never taught them how to sew. I hope that they have other wonderful memories and treasured skills that I taught to them, and hopefully they will look back on these memories for many years to come. And, I can only hope, that it will put a smile on their face as big as the moon also.

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