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EPA Announces Grant to Address Environmental Justice Issues Nationwide.

The EPA announced it has awarded more than $1 million in grants to 46 non-profit and tribal organizations, working to address environmental justice issues nationwide. The EPA also announced it is seeking applicants for $1 million in environmental justice small grants expected to be awarded in 2012. EPA’s environmental justice efforts are aimed to ensure equal environmental and health protections for all Americans. The grants enable non-profit organizations to conduct research, provide education, and develop solutions to local health and environmental issues in communities overburdened by harmful...
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Parents need to be careful in all seasons

Studies have shown that Children with asthma and pollen related allergies are more likely to wheeze, cough and have shortness of breath and other asthma-related symptoms, even when pollen levels are considered low.  Parents and children need to be aware and careful in all seasons.  Despite daily medications, children with pollen sensitivities are 37 percent more likely to have upper respiratory symptoms when pollen in the air is low.  It’s common sense that if a child is asthmatic and allergic to pollen, when they’re exposed to pollen, they would be at risk of asthmatic symptoms. Asthma...
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Cold season is here…are you prepared?

Cold season is upon us. During the holidays, it seems that everyone is getting sick. Most adults will get two or three respiratory infections each year, but a child can get as many as 10 or 12 of them.  So how do you decrease your chances of getting sick this winter? Do you know how to boost your immune system to fend off a cold and flu? How about what to do if you do get sick?  Prevention is the key to staying well, and actions that boost your immune system are the best way to do this. Getting plenty of sleep along with a well-balanced diet can help people stay healthy.  At least seven hours of...
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New Study links C-Section to Childhood Asthma

Studies show a link between children delivered via caesarian section (C-section) and the development of childhood asthma.  Children born via C-section have a higher risk of developing asthma by the age of three, even to non-smoking mothers and mothers who do not have asthma.  The results suggest that the rising rate of C-section deliveries may be another risk factor that contributes to childhood asthma, along with other known risk factors such as parental smoking and air pollution. Asthma affects one in four children around the world. To a certain degree, asthma is hereditary. There is also some...
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California Admission Day

California Admission Day   In early 1848, gold was discovered in Sacramento, California along the American River. With this discovery, the California gold rush was on, and it triggered a huge increase in population. Actually, it sparked the largest migration of people in the World. With a population that grew from 14,000 people to 223,000 people in two years, California suddenly had a need for civil government structure.  Later that year, a treaty was signed by Mexico and the United States of America, which ended the Mexican War. In that treaty, land in the Southwest United States was given over...
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