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    10% OFF of your order and FREE SHIPPING by using promo code:  GHOSTBUSTERS     You awaken to strange sounds during the night, with voices coming from the hall. Then you remember you are home alone. Doors open and close on their own. You are all alone but you feel as though something is there with you. You turn on the lights to find shelter from the presence of darkness. Still, you feel as though something is standing behind you, breathing a foul stench of death and disease. The hairs on your neck raise as the fear grows. You tell yourself, you are nuts; there...
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Natural Face Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Believe it or not, a majority of people suffer from dry skin in one way or another. It also isn’t just an ailment strictly confined to women, as some may assume – it can also affect men quite drastically. But what causes dry skin? Well, it could be a number of things. First, some people are just born with dry skin, just like some people are born with blonde hair. It’s not really something they can control. For these people, the chemicals inside their bodies just can’t produce the correct amount sebum to keep their skin at a comfortable texture. Sebum is the oily, waxy...
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Dog Body Language: What that “Woof” Really Means

  Have you ever seen your dog make an odd expression and wondered, “Now what, exactly does that mean?” We treat our pets like they’re a part of the family. We even talk to them like they know exactly what we’re saying, and sometimes they respond in a manner that suggests they do know exactly what we’re saying. The thing about pets though, is they cannot talk back to us. They can’t say, “No, mom. I’m not eating that new food. I really hate it.” Or even, “It’s really nice outside. Can you let me out?” Instead, we have...
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The Heat has no Prejudices or Jurisdictions this Summer

Here in the South, when it’s hot – it’s hot. There may be an occasional breeze that will rustle your hair and give you a moment’s relief from the heat, but besides that – it’s hot. Recently, it hasn’t just been the South that has been suffering from these high temperatures. If you’ve set foot outside practically anywhere in the US, then you have noticed the unusually hot weather we’ve been experiencing lately. Normally the heat likes to “hang out,” if you will, in certain places within the US; lately, however, the heat hasn’t had any prejudices about where it likes to “hang...
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Average Household Energy Consumption

  To know the average consumption of energy in a household, we must first discuss what energy consumption is. So, without ever doing any research, or looking up the formal definition of the word, I think we would all assume that energy consumption could be defined as the amount of renewable and nonrenewable resources used to power everyday life.                 Energy can be found in many different forms. This day and age, we’re accustomed to forms of energy that are powered by coal, nuclear power...
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