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Allergies in Dogs: They Aren’t Only Allergic to Baths

  We all know that person that is allergic to almost everything. This person can hardly step outside his front door before he’s attacked by all kinds of contaminants that make him sneeze or make his eyes water. When this happens, all he has to do is go to the doctor and tell the doctor what’s going on with him. “Well, doc, every time I go outside during the Spring to play disc golf with my friends, my eyes start to water and I can’t even enjoy myself.” At which point the doctor will undoubtedly tell him that he has allergies and prescribe him some...
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How to turn a large closet into a dog room for under $25

  As all of my friends and neighbors already know, I have quite a few dogs. By quite a few, I mean, I sometimes have more dogs than the people on Animal Hoarders. I’m not ashamed that I have so many pets, because a lot of them are rescues from animal shelters. And, since I’m in a position to afford so many pets – I rescue them. A majority of my larger dogs stay outside in a kenneled area I had built especially for them. They have a shed, complete with outdoor furniture, as their dog house. So, for those of you who think dogs shouldn’t be left outside,...
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The Unseen Airborne Attack of Summer

   So, it’s that time of year when the weather is beginning to warm up and most people are turning their air conditioners on full blast. I know here in the south, we sort of “skipped” over the winter season since we never experienced extremely cold weather for a long period of time. I only recall turning my heater on in my home just a couple of times during those, so-called winter months. So, if you happen to have experienced this same weather, then your a/c or heater hasn’t been running for a while. This could cause an extreme buildup of unwanted air...
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Containing Indoor Pet Allergens

  Containing Indoor Pet Allergens We all know someone who is allergic to pets in some way. That person probably doesn’t have a pet of their own, and most likely, you have to put your pets up or outside when this friend comes to visit. It’s unknown, really, as to what makes a person allergic to something, and that makes preventing allergic reactions difficult. It is estimated that 70% of US households have a pet of some kind, and an estimated 10% of the US population are allergic to these pets. One misconception about pet allergies is that the fur or hair causes...
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Pollen Like Me

  You are sitting in your house with the windows open, and your screen door is open to let fresh air inside your home. The weather outside is amazing. The sun is shining, and there’s a light breeze blowing through your home. You can hear the neighbors across the street talking in their living room, because they too have their windows open. It’s so pleasant. Now, let’s imagine that I’m pollen. I climb in through your window without you knowing. I bounce around your house touching everything I can. I leave a layer of yellow dust on all of your furniture. I even...
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