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Top 5 Most Destructive Tornadoes in American History

5.) The Great Natchez Tornado of 1840 This number 5 destructive tornado formed in southern Concordia Parish in Louisiana. The storm left a trail of destruction twenty miles long, leaving more than 300 people dead and many more injured. The storm was preceded by storms leaving three inches of rain with deadly lightening, already weakening the area. The following day another wretched afternoon thunderstorm arose. This one brought more than the area could have predicted. The mile-wide tornado began to form over the Deer Park and Solcum area of Concordia Parish. The sound of the devastating storm...
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3 Most Destructive Hurricanes in the History of the USA

The first hurricane experience ever recorded was in 1494 by Christopher Columbus. Written records continued through the years. Some of the most thorough records were kept by Benjamin Franklin, who was seen as one of the first meteorologists. The first meteorological recorded storm was in 1871 near the Flordia Keys and tracked its course as it traveled west towards Texas. Since then these storms have been documented and studied as they damage cities and states. Over the past 500 years, serious storms have come and gone, leaving their marks on towns and in history. Of all the storms, three have made an...
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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Safety and Supplies First

Hurricane season is around the corner. Are you ready? The 2012 hurricane season is estimated to be a mild season with little to no activity in comparison to the past 4 years. They are estimating only 10 storms will be named and only four of which will become full on hurricanes. They only predict two of these four storms to become major storms that are a CAT 3 or higher. With winds greater than 110 mph. Even though we aren’t expected to have a heavy hurricane season we still need to be prepared. Here are a few suggestions on how you can be prepared for a hurricane from NOAA and...
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Let the cook-outs and concerts begin!!

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Spring into lite, healthy, allergen free Snacks!

Spring time means picnic time. During the warmer season we like to enjoy fresh foods that are lite and healthy so that we have the energy to enjoy our out door activities. As a USS swimmer growing up this was a snack of choice that would give me the needed energy while eating healthy and lite. My friends and I ate this snack daily between our summer workouts. Eating gluten and allergen free still gives you these options. Turtle Mountain offers yogurts made from soy or coconut milk in numerous delicious flavors. If you would like a little more lasting energy to your snack pour in some enjoylife...
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