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Back to School

Back to School

Summer is winding to an end as school is beginning again. Leaping back into that regular school routine can be difficult, so it is wise to prepare ahead and to allow you and your kids time to ease slowly back into the school days. Instead of dreading the first day of school, get a head start on preparing for school with these ideas:

  • Set aside a small budget for back to school expenses. With new clothes, school supplies, and numerous dues, school can be expensive. Set aside a small amount in preparation for your kids’ school needs.
  • Ease back into the school schedule by going to bed earlier a week or so before school starts. This will have them ready for the early morning school hours and will keep them from overtiring once school begins.
  • Limit your child’s amount of TV time. Encourage your children to read, color, do puzzles, or other activities that are quieter and less excitable.
  • Get an early start on buying school supplies. See if your child’s teacher has a checklist available, and have your child’s backpack filled and ready for school.
  • Designate a place for homework. Children are cooperative when they have the proper encouragement and a stable environment. Have a place for completing homework ready and waiting; this reduces complaints and time spent coercing your child into completing homework.
  • Let your child’s teacher know you are a cooperative parent. Make an effort to meet him or her, and relay your desire for feedback on your child’s behavior and progress. This will make your child’s school experience better for your child, for the teacher, and for you.

Make school fun! Starting back to school is hardest for children, especially for reluctant students. Looking back, you can see that school was not all bad, and you should relate this fact to your children. Demonstrating a positive attitude toward starting back will reflect in your child’s attitude. Share with your child these 10 reasons to enjoy starting back to school:

  1. Reuniting with old friends and making new ones
  2. Getting new clothes
  3. Picking out school supplies
  4. Having a regular schedule
  5. Playing sports and going to games
  6. Field trips
  7. Learning new material!
  8. Extracurricular activities
  9. New and fun experiences
  10. Getting one year closer to graduating!

So get out the backpack and get ready to get back into the school routine. Having a positive attitude is sure to guarantee a more positive experience for you and for others around you, and the impact is even greater on children. With this in mind, have lunches and backpacks ready, set the alarms, and have a great first day back to school!

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