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Best Plants to Grow Indoors


Best Indoor House Plants


The best indoor house plants are those that are clearly visible and have a nice, radiant color that adds to the flavor and beauty of any room. Although house plants are extremely decorative, there are some factors which need to be considered when raising house plants. Some factors would be the temperature in your home, the amount of light the plant receives, and the soil housing the plant.

Most house plants tolerate normal temperatures. In general, indoor foliage plants grow best between 70°F and 80°F during the day, which is what most homes average on a daily basis. Excessively low or high temperatures may cause plant failure or stop growth. So always be mindful when the temperature changes in your home; you wouldn’t want your plants to suffer.

Potting soil is another factor that contributes to healthy houseplants. As my grandmother always taught me, the best soil is the soil you make yourself! So far this advice has worked to give me beautiful and green plants. Add some fresh dirt and rocks to your normal potting soil as it will help the water to drain and enable the soil to create a healthier environment for your plant.  You'll end up with fuller, healthier houseplants.

Lighting is very important as well, so make sure you check the little insert that comes in your flower to make sure your home will have adequate light.  High light plants require direct or strong sunlight for most of the day.  Medium light plants should stay out of direct sunlight but still should be in a bright room.  Low light plants should be away from the window. Some plants may require a bulb light to help them grow.

OK, so now that we have the main issues out of the way, here are a few of the Best Plants to Grow Indoors.


Gardenias – Oh, the sweet smell that they give off is one of a kind! One can’t go wrong when choosing this plant; the beauty and the smell are sure to lighten any room! Place it in a bright location with lots of indirect light and you are sure to have plenty of blooms.

Christmas Cactcus is a true cactus although it doesn't look like your typical cactus. This little beauty loves plenty of uninterrupted darkness and cold temperatures.  When you start to see blooms or developing flower buds, place in a room where the temperature is around 55 degrees. Then you can enjoy all the colorful blooms.

African Violets are an easy-to-grow plant, even for those of you who think you don’t have a green thumb. Violets have many colors that are sure to brighten any room. It has clusters of purple, pink, white, rose, or lavender flowers over fuzzy leaves. The warmer the temperature the better this plant thrives.

So, now that you have a general idea for the type of plants that grow well indoors and the type conditions they thrive in, you should have happy plants.

Any of these plants can be found at your local nursery or home improvement stores.


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