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Staying Healthy in the Workplace

I’m just going to shoot from the hip on this one (although seriously, when do I not?). ***** Most of us know how to stay healthy in public; it’s all common sense. Wash your hands and practice good hygiene, stay hydrated, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, stay away from co-workers who are sick, etc. We learned this stuff in kindergarten, people. Yet despite our best efforts, the occasional virus infiltrates the workplace and in general, makes a mess of things. People are going home sick, and the disinfectant wipes are passed around in excess. While I don’t want to get long-winded over all...
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The Unseen Airborne Attack of Summer

   So, it’s that time of year when the weather is beginning to warm up and most people are turning their air conditioners on full blast. I know here in the south, we sort of “skipped” over the winter season since we never experienced extremely cold weather for a long period of time. I only recall turning my heater on in my home just a couple of times during those, so-called winter months. So, if you happen to have experienced this same weather, then your a/c or heater hasn’t been running for a while. This could cause an extreme buildup of unwanted air...
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Tips on Caring for Office Plants

  Here at Filters-Now.Com, we have several different types of office plants, ranging from a beautiful Peace Lilly to a not so glamorous Magnolia Plant, but we are working steadily to make it ever so fabulous. So here are a few tips that might help your office plants thrive to be beautiful and make your work environment a bit more enjoyable. Water Wisely  Most office plants require evenly moist, but not wet, soil. Saturate the soil with tepid water, preferably in the morning — this allows inadvertently moistened foliage to dry quickly and helps prevent leaf diseases....
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Containing Indoor Pet Allergens

  Containing Indoor Pet Allergens We all know someone who is allergic to pets in some way. That person probably doesn’t have a pet of their own, and most likely, you have to put your pets up or outside when this friend comes to visit. It’s unknown, really, as to what makes a person allergic to something, and that makes preventing allergic reactions difficult. It is estimated that 70% of US households have a pet of some kind, and an estimated 10% of the US population are allergic to these pets. One misconception about pet allergies is that the fur or hair causes...
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Pollen Like Me

  You are sitting in your house with the windows open, and your screen door is open to let fresh air inside your home. The weather outside is amazing. The sun is shining, and there’s a light breeze blowing through your home. You can hear the neighbors across the street talking in their living room, because they too have their windows open. It’s so pleasant. Now, let’s imagine that I’m pollen. I climb in through your window without you knowing. I bounce around your house touching everything I can. I leave a layer of yellow dust on all of your furniture. I even...
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