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Paris and All it Has to Offer!

  Bonjour! Whether you are looking for centuries of history, magnificent architecture, artistic and cultural enlightenment, or just a pleasant stroll through the City of Lights, Paris is the place to be! These are just a few of the reasons that I am so excited about visiting Paris in a month.   So what’s so great about Paris? Is it really as magnificent as everybody says, or is it just overrated? I have not stepped foot on Parisian soil yet, so I do not know the answer to those questions, but I can say what I hope to get from my Paris experience. A Few Literary...
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Spring Has Sprung!

  Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner! Easter is great holiday for getting together with your family, friends and loved ones. There are all sorts of activities for the little ones like egg decorating, or egg hunting. Sometimes, my family even sets up an obstacle course for the kids to race through. Also, this is a great time to make plans, or even spring clean the house to get ready for the summer days ahead. The weather is changing and it’s becoming more and more pleasant outside. It’s time to cut the grass and plant flowers. You can even plant a small...
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Venomous Snake I.D. in the Southeast – Part 3

At last, we come to the rattlesnakes. There are three main species native to the southeast United States, and here I will briefly describe them to you, in no particular order. The smallest, and arguably, the most frequently encountered is the pygmy rattlesnake. Often referred to as the ground rattler, this diminutive serpent has a much more slender body shape than its larger relatives, and rarely grows over 2 feet in length. It is typically a greyish hue with dark black markings saddling its back and sides, although some localities can be red or tan in coloration. Its natural color and pattern is...
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Venomous Snake I.D. – Part 2

These next two snakes are more commonly encountered than the elusive coral snake, which I described in the previous blog regarding identifying venomous snakes. They are the southern copperhead and the western cottonmouth. In the pit viper family, both species can be active during daylight hours and are frequently found near bodies of water. It is for these reasons that they are arguably the most commonly encountered venomous snakes in the southeast United States; virtually any sizable body of fresh water near a wooded area could be potential habitat for these snakes, whether it is a pond, creek, river...
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5 Helpful Tips When Buying a Home

  For those of you in the process of buying a House it can be both exciting & frustrating but keep the faith, because what you get in the end is a wonderful new home to make lots of memories. I’m going to outline five useful tips for home buying that you will need to keep in mind before you even start the home buying process.  First, make sure you are pre-approved because most realtors want a pre-approval letter before they will even show you a home. You will need to know how much money you can afford a month on home as well. You may get approved for a large amount of...
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