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Does consistency prevent attacks?

Would you take your medicine as prescribed if you knew that it would lead to less asthma attacks?  If asthma patients took asthma drugs as prescribed on a consistent basis, one-quarter of severe asthma attacks could be prevented, according to some U.S. researchers.
Inhaled corticosteroid medication is the most effective treatment for controlling symptoms and preventing asthma attacks. Patients who take their medication on a daily basis, as prescribed, are at a lesser risk of having frequent asthma attacks.  There is a relationship between medication adherence and asthma events in a manner that accounts for the changing patterns of inhaler use over time.
By basing the work on the theory that inhaled corticosteroid medication use changes with the nature of the asthma episode, changes were measured in medication use over time among 298 patients. Patients were tracked an average of two years and study participants had 435 asthma attacks during the study period.
Research showed a 25 percent increase in inhaled corticosteroid medication adherence was associated with an 11 percent decrease in asthma attacks. Moreover, studies found that causal use of these medications is not enough, especially among patients whose asthma is not controlled. Which just means that by only using the inhaler in an even that it is needed isn’t enough.  It must become a maintenance drug in people with asthma lives. Patients must use their asthma controller medication as prescribed if they want to have the best chance of preventing serious asthma attacks.

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