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Filtrete Water Station: Bottled Water Straight from the Tap

Filtrete Water Station: Bottled Water Straight from the Tap

Filtrete Water Station

One of the major concerns of our society today is how to save money. People have been growing more and more conscious as to where their money goes due to the economic crisis. Things like bottled water are now looked on as a luxury. Why pay for something that you already have at home?

Also, Environmental concerns have also become more and more prominent; such as the increase in plastic consumption of our population. It has been a habit of Americans to buy bottled water, and every year our consumption of bottled water increases. Our desire for clean water in convenient size containers is fueling an environmental crisis.

However, these problems can be changed with the use of 3M’s new revolutionary filtering system called the Filtrete Water Station. This is a new product which is very convenient and very easy to use.

Unlike other filtering systems which take a long time to fill up an entire pitcher with water, the Filtrete Water Station quickly fills up a individual water bottles in a matter of a few seconds. Thanks to its revolutionary fast-flow filtration technology, you could save a lot of time refilling your water bottles.

Another unique feature is the reusable bottles that come with this water treatment. These are the 4 Grab and Go bottles which are specially designed to last a long time. They can even be washed with a dishwasher without harming the bottles.  

The filtering system not only screens out sediments and impurities, it also eliminates the taste of Chlorine. The filters last long, able to maintain their full function for up to 3 months, before they need to be replaced.

Stop buying those heavy bulky cases of water at the store. With the water station you can save approximately 3,000 plastic water bottles a year. Imagine the money you will save over the course of a year.

Even though the Filtrete Water Station is new, a lot of families are already using it, and are really amazed at the results. Not only will you provide safe drinking water for your family, you will also help reduce the impact plastic has on the environment.

We just recieved our first shipment of Water Stations. To get more information on the product and pricing CLICK HERE.

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