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Girls’ Night Out

Through personal experience I find that when women get together it can either be a time of “awesomeness” or a time of “awfulness”.  I don’t really think there is anything in between.  Of course there are many types of women, so it is safe to say that each group of women on a night out will always have something to say.  I am sure you’ve seen a few reality shows, especially the ones on MTV.  You have the” wild” group like the girls from Jersey Shore, you have the “Don’t mess with me” women from Basketball Wives and then you have the Desperate Housewives (Let’s skip that one)… at the end of the show, you still love your group of gals.  Now in real life girl’s night out isn’t as dramatic as the MTV shows.  Yes, we do have our moments.. and we do have spats now and then, but we can USUALLY get over it with grace.  I am not here to talk about all the ugly details.  Women have the capability to speak about anything and everything!  Girls Night Out is our excuse to evade the stress at home and work and bond with our friends.
It isn’t even necessary for Girls’ Night Out to include a drop of liquor.  When good friends get together it somehow creates a natural high and causes us to say and do very silly things.  The humor between us makes us laugh out loud and laugh hard!  These laughs are sure to be the cause of good old memories, new ideas and funny things that have happened to us.  Mix in some music and a glass of wine or a girlie drink and the night is sure to be hilarious!  When we catch up there is no stopping us.  There is no age limit when it comes to gals discussing issues.  We can be with a group of young girls and older women.  Whatever the age difference we are still girls and as the song goes “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.  When we catch up there is no stopping us.  We share our experiences, our advice, opinions and understanding.  We help each other look at our individual situations through a different perspective.  It’s nice to get an outside look of your own life through someone else’s point of view.  It can help you make really important decisions… Like which color to die your hair. Kidding!
Men, yes, we do talk about you.  You are a very interesting topic, but like it is at home… “It is NOT always about you.”  We do sometimes like to share every detail of the newest embarrassing story, or the things that aggravate us the most about you, but we do not spend the whole night talking about you.  Sometimes, even though not often, we might not even mention you.  Those are the nights that usually start off “I don’t want to talk about Men tonight”.  That is also code: “He really has me upset and I do not want to talk about it.”
I don’t know where I’d be without my gal pals.  I appreciate all the memories we have together, not just night outs, however I am looking forward to our next night out!

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