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HEPA Air Filters

HEPA Air Filters

HEPA air filters are one of those technologies whose popularity continues to rise. We find them everywhere; in vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, furnaces and purifiers. Even though it is on the rise, there are still people unaware of the benefits of HEPA technology.

 During the 1940’s the USA was in the midst of the atomic age. As the US began testing atomic weapons, the need arose for air filters that could remove radioactive particles from the air. The technology was designed, and the HEPA air filter was born. Fast forward seventy years, and these air filters are still being used.

 Have problems with mold, pet dander, dust or pollen? The proper air filter can help eliminate these irritants from the air, giving you a higher quality of life. HEPA filters are in a class of their own, being 99.9% effective at removing particles from the air.

 They are made from fibers tightly woven together. As air moves through the fibers, particles become attracted to the fibers and become trapped in the filter. The air that passes through the filter comes out cleaner, and dust is prevented from simply recirculating back into your home.

 So, how do HEPA air filters works? Air is filtered in three different ways.

When particles move through the filter and stick to the fibers, those particles have been intercepted.

As air moves through the filter it circulates. Through impaction, particles that are caught in the circulating air get stuck to the fibers of the filter.

Extremely small particles will get caught in air circulation and begin to move erratically through the air filter. This behavior causes the particle to get stuck to the fibers.

Regardless of how HEPA air filters work, the fact remains that the technology has shown its ability to properly filter air for seventy years.

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