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Maine Coon Cats


This is a blog about Maine Coon Cats! I know what you’re thinking…. What? Cats!? But, cats can actually be pretty interesting.

                Did you know that a Maine Coon can weigh up to 25 pounds?  Another interesting fact about any cat is the fact that they can’t taste sugar or sweet foods. They have a faulty sweet receptor gene!

Let’s talk about the sound cats can make. First of all we know it as MEOW. Well, did you know that aside from us speaking different languages, so can cats? Not really, but as far as translating the MEOW, the Japanese has it as "nyaa" or "nyan"; Korean as "yaong" or "nyaong".  In Arabic the sound is transcribed as "mowa'a".  The reasoning behind a cat’s meow is pretty much the same as why humans cry, laugh, or sigh. Cats have to show emotion the same as us. Cats are capable of as many as 100 different vocalizations, compared to about 10 for dogs.

                I, myself, am a cat person for sure. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but there’s just something about picking that lil’ clean fur ball up and snuggling with it until you both fall asleep together.  Some people think cats are unfriendly, or snob’s. They can be, but they can also be calming, peaceful, and stress relievers. When I get home in the afternoon, my cat Lucky greets me at my car, and I really mean GREETS me! He talks to me until we get inside and I get his food. That’s pretty much all I can think of right now, but I guarantee, a cat is a woman’s best friend! 

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