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One LSU fan amongst MANY Alabama fans!

One LSU fan amongst MANY Alabama fans!
I am not going to lie, I love the state of Alabama.  It’s been what I call home for a long while now and it is filled with nice people.  Having been born in New Orleans and raised in Kenner, a suburb of New Orleans, I have always carried a strong piece of Louisiana in my heart.  Today, January 9, 2012, marks a big day for both Alabama and LSU.  Both teams are going to play each other for the BCS National Championship.

We were given the opportunity to dress in our team’s attire.  Well I showed up FULL ON LSU.   It is hard being the ONLY LSU fan at my work place. (Well there is ONE other person, who is very lucky that her desk is not mixed with Alabama Fan co-workers.)  No one ever asked me about what team I was cheering for, so it did come as a shock to everyone here in the office to see me pull for the opposing team.  You must believe me when I say that I have been taking the heat for it and the day isn’t close to over yet!  I’ve had the “death” stares, chants and the practical jokes!  Yes, I knew this was going to happen, I was prepared.  This is the sacrifice I am willing to make for my team!  Here is my day in a nut shell so far…

I wore LSU ribbons in my hair, which have been tugged on through most of the day.  My boss usually pats me on the head every morning as he passes by to say hello and today he was about to do it, then backed off. Haha! I kind of feel sad about that.   I have been constantly looking over my shoulders and trying not to give anyone my back.  I can’t let my guard down, but still they managed to tape Alabama’s logo on the back of my chair and take a picture of it-and yes it is on Facebook.

Then came lunch… as I was enjoying a very nice turkey sandwich from Arby’s, a manager comes into the break room and announces that I have a very important call waiting on my line, as this does happen often, I leave my lunch station and run for the phone at my desk.  Oh, why did I have to leave my desk for lunch?!  In less than 30 minutes a swarm of Die-Hard Alabama fans had a Red and White party at my cubicle.  Not only was my desk decorated in in these colors there was even a tree on the top of my shelves with Alabama ornaments.   It looked like a crime scene investigation and instead of yellow tape, loads of red and white streamers were everywhere.   There were even “RIP LSU” stones, an Alabama blanket and even a framed picture of Nick Saban.  The desktop to my computer was changed to a Crimson Tide Pride logo.  There were Alabama stickers all over the top portion of my cubicle.  To top it all off, each of my co-workers were ready with cameras to take pictures and record my response.  Yup, that’s on Facebook too!  But I kept my cool! I’m proud of myself for that! It shows great sportsmanship and that’s me showing my team spirit in a sea of Elephants, one Tiger showing pride.

Of course I returned their Alabama things gracefully.  As for the ribbons and stickers, well I through that away.  I did however keep the “RIP” stones and used a couple of Alabama’s stickers to coat where LSU was labeled.   Someone also left me an Alabama’s shot glass, which I think I will keep for our victory drink.
LSU deserves to win this one.  I had a friend tell me that Louisiana is a Family like state.  They have overcome so many obstacles in the past, but as a family the people pull through together and come out stronger.  Despite all that they have been through they prevail and keep in good spirits.  I have to say I completely agree with my friend.  It is our time to shine, let’s keep our game faces on boys! Geaux Tigers! Watch out Alabama, hear us ROAR!

There may be only one LSU fan here at my work place but in Baton Rouge “Les” is more!

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  1. Hi There Filtersnow,
    On a similar note,, So who is the most powerful coach in sports today? Nick Saban of Alabama according to Forbes magazine (9-1-08 issue). Forbes wastes no time in anoiting Saban as the best of the best and ahead of the rest when it comes to being the most powerful sports coach in our time.
    Keep up the good work
    Thank you,

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