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Beef Enchiladas

  Beef Enchiladas: Sauce:  1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 10.5 ounce can tomato soup 1 8 ounce jar Old El Paso Taco Sauce 1 10 ounce can Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce   Enchiladas: 1 pound ground beef 1 onion, chopped 12 tortillas 1/2 pound cheddar cheese grated 1/2 pound Monterrey Jack cheese grated 1 can small can Green Chiles   Sauce:  Combine sauce ingredients in saucepan.  Stir in 1 cup water, blending thoroughly.  Cook over low heat until warm.  Set...
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Maine Coon Cats

  This is a blog about Maine Coon Cats! I know what you’re thinking…. What? Cats!? But, cats can actually be pretty interesting.                 Did you know that a Maine Coon can weigh up to 25 pounds?  Another interesting fact about any cat is the fact that they can’t taste sugar or sweet foods. They have a faulty sweet receptor gene! Let’s talk about the sound cats can make. First of all we know it as MEOW. Well, did you know that aside from us speaking different...
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Potato Cheese Soup

Potato Cheese Soup 4 ozs bacon 2 ozs fresh leeks (white part only) 2 ozs celery 2 ozs carrots 1 tbs lemon zest 3 ¼ ozs all-purpose flour 6 cups chicken soup 1 tbs chicken base ¼ tsp dry mustard ¼ tsp ground white pepper 3/8 tsp tabasco 1 ½ tsp Worcestershire sauce 1 lb Velveeta cheese, cut into 1 inch cubes 1 cup half & half 3 cups potatoes, diced 3/8 inch and cooked Slice bacon strips into ¼ inch wide pieces and sauté over medium heat until crispy. While the bacon is cooking, mince the leeks, celery and carrots in a food processor. Add the vegetables and lemon zest to the stock pot with...
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Chloe Belle

  Anyone who owns a pet knows that not only is this pet a huge responsibility but also so similar to rearing a child that it’s almost as if you have given birth to the thing yourself. I’ve owned many pets in my life so I know all of the factors that go into play. Factors like potty training it, feeding it, grooming it, taking it to the vet, and mostly loving it unconditionally. Having all of this in mind, I still decided to expand my family to include a precious little fur baby. I did take into consideration the size of the pet I would adopt and decided that a small animal...
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Do You Know Jack?

This week, we adopted a new fish for our aquarium: a half-grown Jack Dempsey cichlid (pronounced “sick-lid”). This 6-inch bruiser was previously in a larger tank where he was harassing an assortment of goldfish and koi. Now he has a tank all to himself, where he won’t have to share the space with any other fish. While this may seem mean to some, this is actually typical behavior for Jack Dempseys and most other fish in the cichlid family. These fish are territorial by nature, and will actively defend their living space against all other fish. In fact, that is how this particular species got its...
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Treat yourself to some Oreos and Milk!!!

KINNIKINNICK FOODS INC. They are one of the leading companies helping to make food that those with food allergies and intolerance can eat and still enjoy everyday favorites. an item Ii recently decided to try, and was not disappointed, where there version of an Oreo. I must say this is the closet I have found that tastes like the real deal! Go ahead treat yourself to some Oreo’s. Its been a long week! Pin It ...
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