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One LSU fan amongst MANY Alabama fans!

One LSU fan amongst MANY Alabama fans! I am not going to lie, I love the state of Alabama.  It’s been what I call home for a long while now and it is filled with nice people.  Having been born in New Orleans and raised in Kenner, a suburb of New Orleans, I have always carried a strong piece of Louisiana in my heart.  Today, January 9, 2012, marks a big day for both Alabama and LSU.  Both teams are going to play each other for the BCS National Championship. We were given the opportunity to dress in our team’s attire.  Well I showed up FULL ON LSU.   It is hard being the ONLY LSU fan at my...
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Black Eyed Peas….

Where I’m from, it’s tradition and sign of good luck to eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Eve. I, however, overlooked this custom this year. I didn’t simply ignore the consuming of these “good luck peas”, I just forgot. But really, when you think about it, it can’t ACTUALLY bring me good luck… Or can it? Well, since the New Year began, I have endured a string of very bad luck – and I’m attributing this bad luck to my negligence in eating the black eyed peas. Let’s start at the beginning… On New Year’s Eve, when people normally hit the town and party in the New Year, I was...
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Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms 1 pkg whole mushrooms 1 8 oz cream cheese 2 tbs ranch dressing mix 1 pkg of bacon De-stem the mushrooms and wash them. Pat dry.  Set aside. Cut bacon strips into small bit size pieces and cook thoroughly. Mix cream cheese, bacon and dry ranch dressing mix together.  Spoon mixture into mushrooms. Place in a 9×13 baking dish. Bake for 20 mins at 350 degrees. Pin It ...
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Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe

Tartar Sauce 1 cup mayonnaise ½  cup diced kosher pickles ½  cup diced onions ½  cup diced capers 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tbs parsley Mix all ingredients together and refrigerator overnight. Store in an airtight container for 1 month. Pin It ...
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Birthday dinner!

Birthday dinner for Sonta (Filters-NOW shipping department employee) tonight! Mexican and karaoke!! Should be a great time! The entire shipping department is suppose to come. Glad they don’t have to work tomorrow lol! Sonta is the one in the middle of the picture that follows. Click on Read More and tell her Happy Birthday!!
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Girls’ Night Out

Through personal experience I find that when women get together it can either be a time of “awesomeness” or a time of “awfulness”.  I don’t really think there is anything in between.  Of course there are many types of women, so it is safe to say that each group of women on a night out will always have something to say.  I am sure you’ve seen a few reality shows, especially the ones on MTV.  You have the” wild” group like the girls from Jersey Shore, you have the “Don’t mess with me” women from Basketball Wives and then you have the Desperate Housewives (Let’s skip that...
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