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Accent Wall Color Ideas That Make a Room Go Boom-Boom-Pow!

  Face it—most of us aren’t artists, on or off a campus.  When it comes to decorating our homes, many times we fail.  Sometimes the inspiration just doesn’t come, or maybe our color palettes are a bit out of style, and in some extreme cases, our tastes exceed our sight.  The last thing we want is to scare our guests, but we don’t wish to bore them, either.  The trick is to find a good balance between extreme and extremely lame.   There are many ways to bring positive attention to your home.  One of the best ways to add flare...
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Allergies in Dogs: They Aren’t Only Allergic to Baths

  We all know that person that is allergic to almost everything. This person can hardly step outside his front door before he’s attacked by all kinds of contaminants that make him sneeze or make his eyes water. When this happens, all he has to do is go to the doctor and tell the doctor what’s going on with him. “Well, doc, every time I go outside during the Spring to play disc golf with my friends, my eyes start to water and I can’t even enjoy myself.” At which point the doctor will undoubtedly tell him that he has allergies and prescribe him some...
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Apartment Gardening Ideas that will make your Neighbors Jealous

Do you wish you could grow your own garden? You want tomatoes? Just go out the back door and pick some! You need some basil with that dish? Oh, there’s some just around the corner of the house. That would be great, huh? I bet, when you think about growing a garden, your mind generally directs you to a large field with over grown stalks of corn, or never ending rows of some sort of vegetable.  Then you probably get plagued with thoughts of, “I don’t know when to plant that!” or “I couldn’t do all of that work! There just isn’t enough...
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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Safety and Supplies First

Hurricane season is around the corner. Are you ready? The 2012 hurricane season is estimated to be a mild season with little to no activity in comparison to the past 4 years. They are estimating only 10 storms will be named and only four of which will become full on hurricanes. They only predict two of these four storms to become major storms that are a CAT 3 or higher. With winds greater than 110 mph. Even though we aren’t expected to have a heavy hurricane season we still need to be prepared. Here are a few suggestions on how you can be prepared for a hurricane from NOAA and...
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Staying Healthy in the Workplace

I’m just going to shoot from the hip on this one (although seriously, when do I not?). ***** Most of us know how to stay healthy in public; it’s all common sense. Wash your hands and practice good hygiene, stay hydrated, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, stay away from co-workers who are sick, etc. We learned this stuff in kindergarten, people. Yet despite our best efforts, the occasional virus infiltrates the workplace and in general, makes a mess of things. People are going home sick, and the disinfectant wipes are passed around in excess. While I don’t want to get long-winded over all...
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How to make a 3 Leches Cake (3 Milks cake)

You will need: White or yellow cake mix (1 Box) – Prepare as per instructions on the box. Two teaspoons of baking powder Put the cake in the oven and bake as per instructions on the box. Once the cake is done and cooled, split the cake into two pieces. Take both halves of the cake and poke them with a fork so the milk can go into it. Ingredients for filling are: One can of condensed milk One can of evaporated milk, One container of whip cream One tsp of vanilla Lemon Zest Combine all ingredients into a large bowl. After combining all ingredients, pour them on both halves of the cake and layer...
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