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Spring Has Sprung!


Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner! Easter is great holiday for getting together with your family, friends and loved ones. There are all sorts of activities for the little ones like egg decorating, or egg hunting. Sometimes, my family even sets up an obstacle course for the kids to race through. Also, this is a great time to make plans, or even spring clean the house to get ready for the summer days ahead. The weather is changing and it’s becoming more and more pleasant outside. It’s time to cut the grass and plant flowers. You can even plant a small garden of your favorite vegetables and fruits. This time of year, I usually plant some tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. I tried squash once, but it didn’t make it in this southern heat. (That or I didn’t take care of them properly, which is probably the case.) I also like to plant some strawberries in a hanging pot. In a couple of weeks, if you care for you plant properly, you have fresh strawberries hanging down, ripe for the picking!

During the time of Easter, there really are so many things to look forward to. I enjoy seeing the colorful flowers and trees. I also enjoy planning and taking summer vacations. (Who doesn’t, really?) I think of green pastures and lazy days on the beach. But, most importantly this is about Easter. What a beautiful holiday it is, in my opinion. What do you do or how do you celebrate your Easter Sunday?  

As you can see, I like this holiday for many reasons. The first would have to be the meaning of Easter and spending time with loved ones and watching all the kids eat their chocolate bunnies and hunt their dyed eggs that they helped their parents with the night before. Seeing all of this as an adult has made me really miss my childhood Easter egg hunts. My cousins and I would have so much fun when we weren’t fighting over the baskets or who was going to find the “golden egg”, which had money in it. This has to be my favorite holiday aside from Christmas, because of all of the beautiful colors and the flowers are all blooming by now which means you know summer will be here soon! And you know what Summer means – time for the beach, grilling out with friends, family and relaxing in the sun with a good cold drink!

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