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Window A/C Units vs. Central Air Units: Put the Smack Down on Cooling Costs

To cool a room or to cool a whole house? That is the question… Okay, so on to the answer or to just making more questions. There is no right or wrong answer in this situation. It really depends on what you want or need. For example, window units are great for apartment living or if your budget just does not allow for a central unit. They are also a good solution for cooler climates where air conditioning is not a necessity during the summer. On the other hand, central air units are perfect for hot climates where temperatures soar during the summer months, and they also provide a better solution for...
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The Heat has no Prejudices or Jurisdictions this Summer

Here in the South, when it’s hot – it’s hot. There may be an occasional breeze that will rustle your hair and give you a moment’s relief from the heat, but besides that – it’s hot. Recently, it hasn’t just been the South that has been suffering from these high temperatures. If you’ve set foot outside practically anywhere in the US, then you have noticed the unusually hot weather we’ve been experiencing lately. Normally the heat likes to “hang out,” if you will, in certain places within the US; lately, however, the heat hasn’t had any prejudices about where it likes to “hang...
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Worldwide Methods for Heating/Cooling a Home

It’s a big world out there, with different climates and different ways of approaching those climates. Having lived in Southern Alabama all my life, I know the joy of that wonderful man-made comfort called the air conditioner. I also know the misery of having the air conditioner die in the middle of 100 degree humid weather…not pleasant. Different regions of the world have different techniques for heating and cooling. Just as air conditioning is important for Southeast United States, the climate of a region plays a big role in the different choices for heating/cooling methods. Heating 1. Furnaces...
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