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Accumulair Platinum Air Filter

The Tragedy of Fiberglass Filters I never realized how important it was to choose the correct air filters for my furnace until recently. I really thought they were all the same. As long as I had something in there, I was good, right? Wrong! I learned the hard way after buying all those filters that were the cheap inexpensive kind that I could see right through. And when I placed them in my unit, I had to be extremely careful not to bend them because most of the time they would collapse from the air flow. Pictured above: fiberglass filter I would wonder why it recommends changing every 30 days when I...
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Save Money with Air Filters

I know we all want to save money. I love saving money. I love walking into my favorite store to discover they are having a huge, storewide sale. I love getting an email from a website that I frequently visit with a special promo code. And, I especially love advice on how to save money and get more “bang for my buck”. So, I’m sure you’re saying, “Yes, I love these things too. Who doesn’t? But how do air filters help save me money?” Well, hold on. I’m about to tell you. First, I must assume that you probably aren’t too educated in the...
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Best Odor Eliminators for Pets

Let’s face it: animals smell. Pets are one of the more common sources for household odors, whether it’s an open can of food, a litter box, a neglected aquarium, or something you inadvertently tracked in with your shoes from the dog’s yard. Sometimes the animal itself just has a particular odor that no amount of bathing or washing can remove. So what can you do? ********** Well, for starters, if you keep more than one pet in the house, especially dogs or cats, you may want to consider trying a carbon air filter. They come in a variety of sizes, and can be made to fit in most HVAC units and air...
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