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Dog Body Language: What that “Woof” Really Means

  Have you ever seen your dog make an odd expression and wondered, “Now what, exactly does that mean?” We treat our pets like they’re a part of the family. We even talk to them like they know exactly what we’re saying, and sometimes they respond in a manner that suggests they do know exactly what we’re saying. The thing about pets though, is they cannot talk back to us. They can’t say, “No, mom. I’m not eating that new food. I really hate it.” Or even, “It’s really nice outside. Can you let me out?” Instead, we have...
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Best Odor Eliminators for Pets

Let’s face it: animals smell. Pets are one of the more common sources for household odors, whether it’s an open can of food, a litter box, a neglected aquarium, or something you inadvertently tracked in with your shoes from the dog’s yard. Sometimes the animal itself just has a particular odor that no amount of bathing or washing can remove. So what can you do? ********** Well, for starters, if you keep more than one pet in the house, especially dogs or cats, you may want to consider trying a carbon air filter. They come in a variety of sizes, and can be made to fit in most HVAC units and air...
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Alternative Pets for Kids: Furry Fun

During my career working in pet stores, I was often asked “What is the best pet for kids?” Of course, this is a very subjective question, since every child is different and likewise, has different interests and things they desire in their ideal “pet” animal. Nevertheless, some general criteria come to mind: Easy to care for Good temperament; not prone to biting Not too large Fairly inexpensive to acquire and maintain Relatively “durable” & can withstand regular petting/handling This is certainly true for younger children, and especially when you take into account that Mom or Dad may...
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Top Tip for Keeping Aquariums Clean #3

Perform Routine Water Changes! PROBLEM: For some reason I cannot fathom, people just do not want to stick their hands in their fish tank! Now yeah, I admit that this is the water that your fish do their “business,” but seriously, it’s not as if you cannot wash your hands afterward. There is this wonderful invention called soap! But anyway, doing water changes very infrequently (or never!) is a one of the most common causes for having a filthy aquarium. ISSUES: No matter how effective and superior the filter is, the quality of the water in your aquarium will still gradually decrease...
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Top Tip for Keeping Aquariums Clean #2

Don’t Leave Your Aquarium Light on Too Much! THE PROBLEM: In my last Aquarium Blog, I covered the issue of over-feeding your fish and the effects it has on your aquarium. Today, I want to discuss another very common cause for dirty fish tanks, especially green water and algae growth: leaving the aquarium lights on for more than 8 hours a day, and sometimes indefinitely. Whenever someone has approached me complaining that they have always have algae growing all over their aquarium, and it’s a constant battle cleaning it, my first question is “How often is your light on?” On many...
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