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Unknown Remedies for Dying Plants

Well, unfortunately, sometimes there is just no helping some dying plants. As I have learned from experience, the one most important chore to remember is to water—but not overwater—your plants. Most people will forget about their plants after a week or so, only to return to find droopy leaves and dry soil. If you catch it in time, there may be help for your plant if it is not dead already. When trying to revive a dying plant, the first step is to try and discover why the plant is dying so that you can heal it properly. The problem may be attributed to several different causes. Some common causes...
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Staying Healthy in the Workplace

I’m just going to shoot from the hip on this one (although seriously, when do I not?). ***** Most of us know how to stay healthy in public; it’s all common sense. Wash your hands and practice good hygiene, stay hydrated, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, stay away from co-workers who are sick, etc. We learned this stuff in kindergarten, people. Yet despite our best efforts, the occasional virus infiltrates the workplace and in general, makes a mess of things. People are going home sick, and the disinfectant wipes are passed around in excess. While I don’t want to get long-winded over all...
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