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“Old Wives Tales” of Weather Forecasting: How to Forecast the Weather Like it’s 1492

Wow! My toe is twitching…rain must be coming. This is just an idea of how back in the day our ancestors were able to predict the weather that was coming. I just love sitting around with an elderly person and listening to how things were back then and how they still believe in the old family ways over new modern technology. Hundreds of years ago, people really had to depend on their surrounds to help predict the weather. They watched everything around them, from the sky to the earth, and how the animals were acting. Red Sky at Morning The oldest known wives tale is: “Red sky at morning, sailors...
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The Heat has no Prejudices or Jurisdictions this Summer

Here in the South, when it’s hot – it’s hot. There may be an occasional breeze that will rustle your hair and give you a moment’s relief from the heat, but besides that – it’s hot. Recently, it hasn’t just been the South that has been suffering from these high temperatures. If you’ve set foot outside practically anywhere in the US, then you have noticed the unusually hot weather we’ve been experiencing lately. Normally the heat likes to “hang out,” if you will, in certain places within the US; lately, however, the heat hasn’t had any prejudices about where it likes to “hang...
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Wiped Out! Five Crop Disasters in the United States

When we see bags of flour on the shelves and fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market, we do not consider the preciousness of their presence, but the truth is that our food faces daily fights just for survival. Fortunately, today we have special fertilizers, pesticides, and other preventions and protections that keep our food crops alive and healthy. There have been times throughout America’s history, however, when our crops lost the battle for survival. Here are five stories about true crop disasters from the past; some of them you may or may not know, but each reveals the great impact that the...
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