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The Unseen Airborne Attack of Summer


So, it’s that time of year when the weather is beginning to warm up and most people are turning their air conditioners on full blast. I know here in the south, we sort of “skipped” over the winter season since we never experienced extremely cold weather for a long period of time. I only recall turning my heater on in my home just a couple of times during those, so-called winter months. So, if you happen to have experienced this same weather, then your a/c or heater hasn’t been running for a while. This could cause an extreme buildup of unwanted air pollutants in your home.

When you don’t run a heater or an a/c unit, or even an air cleaner in your home, these pollutants are trapped inside your living environment and have been trapped for quite some time. The reason for this is because there is a lack of air flow inside your home. New air is not being dispersed into your home, and the old air inside you house is not being processed through a filter or the HVAC unit. These harmful particles are lying stagnant on your furniture, appliances, floors, baseboards, and just about anywhere inside your home. Now that you’re turning on your unit, you are stirring these contaminants up and they’re bouncing around your home, trying to find a place to settle, and the place they may end up is in your breathing path. Meaning, you may be inhaling these extremely harmful particles and they could be making you and your family sick.

How to Fight Back

My suggestion for this problem would be to use an extremely effective air filter inside your home for the first month or two that you run your unit. A MERV 13 filterwill capture these pollutants more readily than a lower MERV filter. (MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. Generally speaking, a higher MERV rating indicates better filter performance.) If you normally use a less efficient filter, such as a MERV 8, then the contaminants could be passing right through this filter and being dispersed back into your home. You don’t have to switch full time to a MERV 13 if you are comfortable with a lower MERV, just utilize a higher MERV filter for the beginning of the season to capture as many harmful pollutants as possible. (For more information, or where to buy an effective filter, please visit

Additionally, you might want to consider running an air cleanerin a few of the main rooms in your home. Perhaps your family gathers in the living room daily, as most families do. You could run an air purifierin this room to capture more of those harmful particles and protect your family even further. An air purifier inside your bedroom, or your child’s bedroom would most likely be a good idea as well. Air purifiers are extremely helpful in capturing those particles that tend to stay closer to the ground, like dust. By utilizing an air purifier, you’re not only protecting your family from these particles, you could also be saving yourself time when it comes to cleaning your home. (For more information about air purifiers and air cleaners, or where to buy them, please visit

Enjoy the Nice Weather

Don’t let the pollutants inside your home get you down. You don’t want to become sick just as the weather outside is becoming enjoyable. If you’re using an effective air filter, or air purifier, open a few windows and let the fresh air pass through your home, let the sun shine in your house, and by all means, go outside and enjoy the nice weather! 

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