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There’s No Way…


Ever have a day when something happens and you just say…

“There’s No Way”

It was a beautiful summer day and the birds were singing and the sky was blue like the ocean. It would have been a wonderful day to go to the beach and rest and relax and sip on a few diet cokes (insert wink).  Instead I went to work, because every day has the potential to be an exciting day at my job. I work with some awesome people and many of them have become good friends of mine. This story is about a coworker/friend of mine that I named “Sprinkles”. Sprinkles is a golly jolly light up the world with sunshine kind of person.

            One this Day as Sprinkles was strolling around the office spreading her cheeriness to all. She stood in the doorway and began to play with a ring on her finger and twirl it inside the keyhole of the door frame. (OOOPS) Yep, there it went…the ring fell inside the door casing and as Sprinkles stood in shock. We were all saying “There’s No Way”.

            So here’s how the recovery goes…First someone in the office brings out the (handy dandy tool kit).

Then someone else has the great idea to get the vacuum cleaner. This is where I almost wet my pants (lol). They proceed to try and suck the ring up the wall. Of course, this was a failure.


After several hours of thinking, laughing and continually sticking her finger in the hole. She decides to look into the small opening and act like she has Ninja Vision powers (hahahahahaha).  

By now everyone in the office has given an opinion and tapped on the door frame and said again “there’s no way”. 

I myself still cannot figure out how she did this, and why she has to play with her ring and stick it in the uttermost crazy places. But, that is our Sprinkles, and tomorrow it could be me having the crazy unbelievable accident.

            Finally, we call our maintenance department and report what has happened. Oh my goodness here we go again…”There’s No Way” how did she do it? He comes on over with his trusty hammer and crow bar, ready for the challenge.


As he is shaking his head in disbelief, he begins to disassemble the door frame and by now a crowd has gathered for the unveiling. You would think that we were about to release a million dollar painting or something. Everyone stares and waits with anticipation for the ring to fall out of the wall. TADA! At last, the ring comes rolling out and the crowd goes wild (lol).” Rocky” our maintenance guy is the hero of the day.

I know that I learned a lesson, I will not take the advice of some of my co-workers. So, the day ended on a very happy note and hopefully Sprinkles learned a very valuable lesson.


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