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Tips on Caring for Office Plants


Here at Filters-Now.Com, we have several different types of office plants, ranging from a beautiful Peace Lilly to a not so glamorous Magnolia Plant, but we are working steadily to make it ever so fabulous. So here are a few tips that might help your office plants thrive to be beautiful and make your work environment a bit more enjoyable.

Water Wisely

 Most office plants require evenly moist, but not wet, soil. Saturate the soil with tepid water, preferably in the morning — this allows inadvertently moistened foliage to dry quickly and helps prevent leaf diseases. Then wait to water again until the soil is dry to the touch. Some types of plants, such as cacti, as well as plants growing in low light levels may require watering just once a month. The most common reason that indoor plants fail to thrive is excessive watering, rather than neglect.

Turn On the Lights

   Indoor plants vary in their light requirements. Some thrive in low light levels, while others require a sunny window or the equivalent in artificial, full-spectrum grow lights. Plant labels should provide this information, or you can research the plants' light needs. Without adequate light, plants will become leggy and pale.

Office Plants Maintain Perfect Humidity Levels.  

   When the air is too dry, people are vulnerable to colds and flu. When the humidity is too high, people can develop other complaints. Through their natural processes of transpiration and evaporation, office plants add moisture to the dry overheated air often found in sealed office environments.  One thing is for sure, here at Filters-Now.Com there is no overheating going on because it is Popsicle cold at all times!!   

Coworker Considerations:               

 Before you even start selecting plants you want to think about your coworkers. Pollen and mold allergies are commonplace, so you'll want to address those before you even purchase your plants. It's very rare for indoor plants, especially those kept under the low-light of office conditions, to flower. Nonetheless, if you have coworkers with pollen allergies—and it's highly probable you do—you should either avoid flowering plants or snip off the flower buds as soon as they appear. We wouldn’t want anyone to have a sneeze attack while at work.    

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  1. Brenda R Jones says:

    **It’s very rare for indoor plants, especially those kept under the low-light of office conditions, to flower.**

    this is best information I’ve ever seen.. so I’m guessing this is why mine don’t bloom:(

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