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Top 3 Green/Energy Efficient Countries

What does it mean to be energy efficient? Well, being energy efficient can be defined as “using less energy to provide the same service”. While this may be a broad definition of the phrase, it describes it quite nicely. When we think of being energy efficient, we think of driving a hybrid vehicle, or turning the lights off when leaving a room, but being energy efficient can go much further than that.

However you look at it, the goal of being energy efficient is to use fewer resources to provide a product or service. One example that I’m sure most people can relate to is, if your home is well insulated, then this insulation allows you to use less heat during the winter months, and less cool air in the summer months, thus enabling you and your home to become more energy efficient.

As previously stated, there are a number of ways to capitalize on becoming more energy efficient. When you lower the amount of energy it takes to run an appliance, then you are also saving money for yourself and others.

Just think, if you were to reduce the amount of energy you consume, then you could be conserving quite a bit of energy, but what if an entire country were to attempt to conserve as much energy as possible? This is an extremely difficult endeavor, but still a commendable one just the same. These are the top three energy efficient countries.

1. Japan

Naturally, the most energy efficient country is Japan. Being that this country is densely populated, they have a difficult time safely producing enough energy to supply their entire population. If they were produce energy in a non-efficient way, then they could be producing a surplus of carbon dioxide emissions which is extremely harmful for the environment. Additionally, all of this energy could be costing the country a lot of money. Japan, as a country and a government, has taken energy efficiency very seriously. They have completely restructured their government and bureaucracy to reflect their desire to have a more energy efficient landscape. This enthusiasm for efficiency has filtered into the Japanese population where it has gained a nationwide backing.

Throughout the past few decades, Japan has become a leading country with its unique culture and technological edge. Not only does its technology inspire others, their desire to protect the environment has also interested much of the world beyond its borders.

2. Denmark

Denmark comes in as the second most energy efficient country. Denmark’s stance on energy efficiency also lies within the ranks of the government. The government has made being more energy efficient a requirement in most buildings and homes. They are requiring contractors to construct buildings and homes with thick insulation so as to trap the desired temperature within the structure. They are also requiring home owners to purchase energy efficient appliances. If, by any chance, a utility cannon meet the government’s energy efficient requirements, then they have enabled a system for these companies to buy credits from those who have invested in these energy efficient protocols.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland comes in at number three in the list of top energy efficient countries. They achieved this number by making the decision to use less energy as a country. They have created a sort of rewards program for cities or towns that implement energy efficiency. They call these towns, “energiestadts”, which means energy towns. Some ways towns are becoming energy towns are providing more effective public transportation. By offering it’s inhabitants a reliable form of public transportation, they are cutting down on the number of individual vehicles occupying the roadways. Also, these public transportation vehicles are energy efficient as well, so this adds to their green efforts. Another town is using all of the hotel waste, such as left over food, sewage, and other forms of garbage to create energy to sustain the energy consumption of the hotel. Switzerland’s energy efforts are so innovative that have begun working with the U.S. to assist them in their energy efforts as well.


As you can see, there are many ways to become more energy efficient. Although some governments have gotten involved in restructuring the way they consume energy, it doesn’t have to be government mandated for you to start conserving energy in your own home. Every little bit of energy conserved is helpful, and if you can turn off that light when you leave a room, or carpool a couple of times a week, then you are doing your part in helping your country become more energy efficient.

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