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Treat yourself to some Oreos and Milk!!!


They are one of the leading companies helping to make food that those with food allergies and intolerance can eat and still enjoy everyday favorites. an item Ii recently decided to try, and was not disappointed, where there version of an Oreo. I must say this is the closet I have found that tastes like the real deal!

Go ahead treat yourself to some Oreo’s. Its been a long week!

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One Response to “ “Treat yourself to some Oreos and Milk!!!”

  1. Eden says:

    We’re all human and everyone makes mstiakes, of course I’m sure it’s hard not to be upset with yourself when you know what’s at stake. My son had a favorite bagel chip snack that he loves (he has peanut, dairy and egg allergies). I was waiting for my deli meat order and happened to notice that they had new packaging, it just looked different. I picked it up while I was waiting and re-read the ingredients. Now processed in a facility with dairy! UGH. Of course I freaked, thinking the ones I had at home and both sets of his grandparents had at their homes could be these. My son was with me at the time, but I called them both right away to look at the labels on their bags. I emailed the company and they had just changed the process and no one in my family had happened to purchase new’ ones, but it’s so scary. You have to be vigilant all the time and what is safe one time may not be the next. I’m in total agreement, I wish there was a cure. At least to the extent where food allergies weren’t life threatening. I don’t need my son to be able to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I just want it so if he did ingest something by accident, it wouldn’t threaten his life.

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