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Window A/C Units vs. Central Air Units: Put the Smack Down on Cooling Costs

To cool a room or to cool a whole house? That is the question…

Okay, so on to the answer or to just making more questions. There is no right or wrong answer in this situation. It really depends on what you want or need. For example, window units are great for apartment living or if your budget just does not allow for a central unit. They are also a good solution for cooler climates where air conditioning is not a necessity during the summer. On the other hand, central air units are perfect for hot climates where temperatures soar during the summer months, and they also provide a better solution for large houses and families who need more cooling.

Window Units

Window units are just that; they sit inside on a window seal and run off a regular household 110 outlet. The back end hangs out the window seal and allows the unit to drain. Window units are very reasonable in price and can be purchased at most local retail stores.

Window units come in different size BTUs and some even have a heat setting also. The downside to a window unit is that it will only cool one room; also, they are a little loud.

I am sure that you are dying to know what BTU stands for and just what it is…so here it comes. BTU stands for British Thermal Units; this is what is measured in ac units to know the approximate size that the unit will cover.

For example: if the BTU is 5000 and another unit is 6500 BTUs, of course the 6500 BTU will cool the same room quicker, or you may need to purchase the 6500 BTU to cool a larger room. Some people have Central Units in their homes but need a window unit to cool the garage or pool house (I am still waiting on one of these), or some love their 4-legged family members enough to air condition the dog house.

Central Air Units

The most comfortable means of cooling and heating is a central unit. A central a/c unit is run by a thermostat located generally in the central location of a home. Central units can cool or heat the whole house at one time by turning the thermostat to the desired temperature. This is a more costly manner of comfort than just a window unit, but they are very quiet. Central units are more prevalent in large homes or buildings and in very hot climates.

Proper cleaning and routine inspections can be managed by a professional installer. The only thing that is required by the homeowner is to purchase good quality filters and to change them out regularly. Dirty filters can clog a system and cause some expense repairs that could have been avoided with just a monthly or bi-monthly filter check. Having a good filter can mean the difference in your air conditioner’s performance, the cost of performance, and your overall home comfort.

So, no matter which type of unit you choose or can afford at the time with your budget, the bottom line is that you don’t want to get caught in the dog days of summer without some form of cooling in your home, not just for comfort but for health purposes, as well. Keeping cool, hydrated, and well is the best way to keep healthy during the summer months. It can be very easy to become dehydrated on hot summer days, and having an air conditioner in the home can help keep not just your house’s temperature regulated but your body temperature normal as well.

If you are considering buying an air conditioner—whether it is a window unit or a central unit—or upgrading your current air conditioning status, just remember to pinpoint your necessities, consider your budget, and weigh your options. Having an air conditioner can make a big difference in your home comfort as well as your health and wellbeing.

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