Installation Instructions

  1. Place the system thermostat switch in the OFF position before removing filter media.

  2. Place the filter frame on a flat surface such as a table or on the floor.

  3. * Note: Before removing the old filter, note the orientation of the filter in its frame. This will assist in positioning new filter.

  4. Remove old filter by pulling the filter at the finger recesses inside filter door. Slide out filter and remove.

  5. Unsnap the latches on each of the 4 corners of the plastic filter frame and unfold the frame ends to remove and discard spent filter.

  6. Position the filter media on the plastic filter frame with the aluminum mesh side up (Please note: The direction on the instruction insert incorrectly says to place the filter with the aluminum mesh side down).

  7. Insert the cardboard end of the filter with an offset into the slot on the outside edge of the filter frame. Working from left to right, fit the filter media into the pleat supports placing the first pleat next to the cardboard.

  8. * Note: Excess pleats may be left over after positioning the filter media on the filter frame. Where this is the case, they should be compressed and stored outside the pleat supports next to the right side cardboard end.

  9. Insert the right cardboard end into the slot on the right side of the filter frame.

  10. Close each end of the filter frame over the filter media making certain that the latch tabs fit inside the folded cardboard ends of the filter media. Snap the latches in place on all 4 corners of the filter frame.

  11. Re-install the assembled filter frame noting front and airflow direction. Restore system operation.

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