HEPA Filter Installation Instructions

Please refer to your owner's manual for additional instructions and safety guidelines.
  1. Turn the air cleaner OFF and unplug from the wall outlet.

  2. To open, unscrew the locking mechanism, and separate the lid (or endcap for the 17000 series) from the base.

  3. Remove the filter assembly (pre-filter and HEPA filter) from the internal chamber.

  4. Remove the pre-filter from the HEPA filter. Discard the HEPA filter.

  5. Remove the new HEPA filter from its package. Carefully wrap the pre-filter around the new HEPA filter, and attach using the fasteners provided.

  6. Place the filter assembly into the internal chamber, replace the lid (or endcap) and base, and tighten the locking mechanism. Turn air cleaner to an operable position.

  7. Plug air cleaner into a power outlet and it is ready for operation.

  8. Replace filter every 12 months for optimum performance.

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