Sears Kenmore

HEPA Replacement Instructions

Refer to your owner's manual for additional instructions and safety guidelines.
  1. Turn the air cleaner OFF and unplug from wall outlet.

  2. Carefully lay unit down on a flat surface with the front grille facing up.

  3. Gently push in on the release buttons on both sides of the unit and swing out the front grille.

  4. Remove the filter assembly (consisting of the pre-filter and HEPA filter) from the unit.

  5. The pre-filter is attached to the HEPA filter frame with hook/loop fasteners at six locations. Detach pre-filter and discard it.

  6. Remove and discard any plastic protective wrapping from the new pre-filter and or HEPA. Line up new pre-filter with HEPA filter. Lay pre-filter on HEPA and gently push on its four corners to attach it to the HEPA. Always install new pre-filter when changing HEPA.

  7. Place the filter assembly into the unit and install the front grille by engaging the tabs into the slots, then swinging grille into assembly position. Push in gently to snap it into place.

  8. Adjust filter change wheel(s) to properly indicate when the next filter change is necessary.

  9. Turn the air cleaner upright and plug it in to an outlet.

  10. For optimum performance replace filter every 12 months.

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