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Shhh! Here’s the Secret Code for the iPad giveaway and Special savings!

Try a Chance for a FREE iPad! Now that you’re stuffed with stuffing, turkey, and pumpkin pie, it’s time to waddle over to the couch and give your tummy a rest and your mind an exercise with your brand new iPad! What—you don’t have an iPad? With this amazing opportunity from, you could have the chance to win your own FREE iPad today! As part of Filters-NOW’s super Cyber Monday savings, we are offering a chance to win your own iPad*. It’s as easy as a click of the mouse! All you have to do is place your order on and enter Promotional Code iPad for a chance to...
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Boo! A Promo Code For you! 10% Off + Free Shipping from!

    10% OFF of your order and FREE SHIPPING by using promo code:  GHOSTBUSTERS     You awaken to strange sounds during the night, with voices coming from the hall. Then you remember you are home alone. Doors open and close on their own. You are all alone but you feel as though something is there with you. You turn on the lights to find shelter from the presence of darkness. Still, you feel as though something is standing behind you, breathing a foul stench of death and disease. The hairs on your neck raise as the fear grows. You tell yourself, you are nuts; there...
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Decorative Wooden Air Grilles

Worth Home Decorative Wooden Air Grilles Being a stay-at-home mom or dad may sometimes give you the extra time to become creative and to have time to decorate your home, especially now that your kids are going back to school. One thing that I have come to realize is that almost everyone’s AC return air grilles are bold, boring, and just plain ugly! It’s natural if you do not realize how ugly the metal air grilles are until a friend mentions it or points it out, but air grilles just stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe you are building a new home or redecorating your home; you do not have to worry...
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Boost Your Bath with Water Filters!

Blah Bath? Maybe you have been needing a little more from your bath, but you do not know what it is. This happens a lot. Perhaps your skin feels dry or your hair is limp. Maybe you are not getting the best results shaving. Even the thought of brushing your teeth is repulsing because your water has “that smell.” The problem could be your water. In fact, if you are experiencing any of the following problems, you can most likely blame your water: Dry/rough skin Dry/flat hair Bad odors, such as a strong chlorine smell Hard water buildup in showers or sinks Bad taste of water These conditions are...
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Back to School: 3 Must-Have Products From Filters-NOW

Well, that time has come around again. School’s back! The summer break has been long and fun, but now it is time to get back into the routine of school days. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or a college student, school supplies are at the top of your shopping list. Here at Filters-NOW, we have some great suggestions for your shopping list this school semester. Here are our top three products for back-to-school shopping… Command Strips Command Strips are perfect for the classroom or for the dorm room. No matter what the material of your walls, the rules about hanging on walls, or the types of...
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Brita Bottle Water Filtration Systems

I never knew how much money I could be saving using these water bottles, but with Brita Bottle Water Filtration Systems, I can replace over 150 plastic bottles of water, and I also can be saving a lot of money! And that sure makes me happy! If you think about when you stop at the gas station and you get thirsty, you buy a bottle of water and spend $1.50. Now if you put all the money together in a year, you will be spending about $100.00, if not more. Instead of buying branded water at gas stations, convention centers, vending machines at work or school, football games, soccer games, etc., if you carry...
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